Email Marketing

Do You Want To:

If so, then email marketing – which is the newer, greener, more cost effective direct marketing – might be something your business needs.

Quality email marketing campaigns are well thought out programs that reach out and engage your client at their point of need. They are highly customizable, meaning you can send different types of customers different emails depending on their past interaction with your site. You could send monthly newsletters, offers for special promotions, or emails designed to help your consumer shine in their daily life using your ideas. Whatever type of email your business needs, DMIdeas can work with you to provide.

Converting email offers or newsletters into sales, calls for quality copywriting, an imaginative approach to subject line composition and scripting, as well as an understanding of your target market and what they are looking for. Many email that are delivered are never opened. DMIdeas has strategies to increase the “open rate” for your emails, meaning you are engaging more of your clients and doing a better job at getting your message across.

DMIdeas has expert experience in all these areas. We are well versed in the spam laws, making sure your company won’t be caught in an expensive spam violation.

Let DMIdeas work with you to identify how email marketing can positively impact your bottom line. We can help you increase your customer retention and loyalty thereby leading to sales conversions and increased revenue.