At DMIdeas we offer Pay Per Click advertising, Email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, customer retention and e-loyalty programs, and Website/Ecommerce solutions.

Although you can hire us to do a la carte services, we believe that effective digital marketing is a strategy heavy program where a multi-pronged approach leads to the best results. Typically a customer would have (or we would create ) a website and then the digital marketing strategy would be created which would include the following.


logo_qualified_ind_80The first step to building a relationship and closing a conversion is giving the potential client what they want. DMIdeas can work with you to make sure that what you advertise, and where you rank, offer the consumer the best chance of finding what they want when they come to you. PPC and SEM are the entry points, the place you begin your relationship with your customer by bringing them to your site for an introduction and potential conversion.


Once a customer has reached your site and found what they were looking for, now is the time to begin to build that relationship. How is that done? By getting them to give you their email address so you can contact them again with information, special offers, or sales. Email Marketing is the new Direct Marketing tool. Let us help you use it to build a relationship, not just annoy the customer with too many messages that do not address their needs. We can offer strategies for how to give your customer what they want.


The final piece to the puzzle is how to maintain the customer relationship over time. Reaching out to your customer monthly with information to improve their life will make you an expert in their mind, and will drive them back to you for their next purchase. DMIdeas knows the strategies to use and has professional copywriters to help you maintain, build, and strengthen the customer relationship over time. 100% customer retention and return is always our goal.


Viral and Social Network marketing can be used in different ways depending on your client base and business model. DMIdeas generally works with our clients to determine the most effective use of this medium for each business individually. It is another aspect of having a webpage – a place to network on line for referral based businesses, or a place to be found for ecommerce solutions. DMIdeas understands these sites, their users, and what the potential positive impact could be for your business and we work with you to address this customer base effectively.

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