Website Marketing

Well, contrary to popular opinion, it seems like this Internet thing just might catch on.

  • Before making a purchase most people search online for the best price or most reputable company.
  • People age 32 or younger expect to be able to find every business online.
  • Having a website increases visibility and gives your business credibility.

Seriously though, people who were born after 1976 can only conceive of being able to learn about any product, business, store, or restaurant at any time, from any computer, and sooner than one might think from any phone. This means that often the first thing a potential customer will do is look online for a business like yours. If you can convince all of your competition to boycott having an online presence, then you don’t need one either. But on the off chance your competition has bought into this Internet thing, chances are that if you don’t you will lose market share.

However, a website does not have to be a $20,000, 45 page deep site with all kinds of bells and whistles. Your business might not need all that stuff. Maybe you own a restaurant. If someone looks for you online they probably want just a few things – your address, phone number, to look at your menu and pricing, and possibly a schedule of events if you do live music. If you own an antique store, possibly just a map, a few pictures of sample type pieces that represent what you generally sell, and maybe a short bio that assures the client that you know what you are doing is all that is required. However, if you are a store owner who wants to create an online store to compliment your brick and mortar presence, then possibly a more involved website is warranted.

DMIdeas understands that although almost every business can benefit from an online presence, the use of that presence, and how expansive it needs to be, is entirely dependent on your business goals. DMIdeas will create a website for you if it is necessary to advance your business goals, but we don’t believe in creating a huge website full of fluff, and costing a month’s profits, just to have an online presence.

The Internet is a wonderful communication tool that can be harnessed to radically increase your profits, and bring many new clients to your product. iPhone compatible sites, multilayer e-commerce sites, funnel pages for PPC conversion and one page micro sites can all be used to help your business succeed.

DMIdeas knows what they are, what you need, and can help you pick the right product to engage your customer.