I’m Scott Dunagan

Your Personal Executive & CEO Coach

Not Just Surviving, But Thriving, As A
Business Executive

Personal Executive Coaching

Either in-person, or online sessions to help coach you through the struggles of your business.
Are you a CEO who is wrestling with a business challenge?  Do you feel like you have no peer group to help?
There are many different issues you may encounter as a CEO, executive, or business owner, I’ve experienced them, and I’m here to help.

Goal Setting

One of the critical parts of not just surviving, but thriving, is knowing how to set goals; and, most importantly,
what goals to set.

Relationship Coaching

You may have zero employees or thousands, you may have a few clients, or many.  Learn to manage these relationships in a way that is success focused.

Stress Management

If you’re not stressed, just a little,  then congratulations.  For the rest of us, there are numerous techniques than can help you to manage stress.

Business Advice

Yes, your business has challenges, no matter what.  I’m here to help you understand, and face, and overcome
those challenges together.

What Is CEO / Executive Coaching?

Chances are, if you’re an executive, that you have lots of things going on in your life.  Your career/business, your personal life, etc.  Executive coaching is a once-per-week session designed to help you get through all the complications, and help you to be a better, more fulfilled, more successful, and happy person.

Who Is Coaching For?

Everyone can use a coach.  It happens is every facet of our lives now, from our kids and their private coaches for sports, mentors in our work lives.  Executive coaching is the same thing, coaching from someone who’s “been there, & done that.”

What is The Process Like?

There are steps to the process, just like in any process.  However, unlike the recipe you might be following to bake a cake, this is more fluid and evolving, based on your personal situation.

1. Initial Meeting / Chemistry Check

All the coaching starts off with a meeting and chemistry check.  If we don’t get along, then this relationship won’t work for either of us.

2. Coaching Plan Development

Every team has a game plan, do you?  We will work together to develop the “game plan” for your success.

3. Moral Support

Just like your work, you need someone to partner with to produce your best stuff (unless you’re an amazingly creative person).  We’ll get through your challenges together.

4. Combating FOMO

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or in this case, FOMU (Fear of Messing Up).  There are steps, checklists, plans, but, without someone by your side helping to keep track, you will most likely miss something.  Your coach can help prevent FOMO/FOMU.

5. Moving Ahead

We will partner to continue to improve you and your business.  Continuous improvement isn’t just for the Kaizen guys and manufacturing, it’s for everyone.

Coaching Packages

Introductory Coaching Package

This is the way to go if your challenges are pretty straightforward.  You will learn how to succeed.  This is a once-per-week, for one month plan.

More Details

Even if you’re going to have a “simple” issue or challenge you can benefit from the basic coaching package.  We will cover all of the key parts of the “survival” plan.  However, since this is a “less complicated” situation the likelihood of needing some of the more detailed aspects of the coaching aren’t necessary.


Intermediate Coaching Package

Nothing easy here, but, you’re not looking at a multitude of problems.  This package is designed to help you thrive during, and after you succeed.

More Details

Meeting once-per-week, for the duration of your challenges, this coaching package will help you develop, and implement a success plan; and it will help you stick to the plan.

$200 / week

Pro Coaching Package

Designed to get you through the roadblocks and pain of your complicated situation, this package is “all-in” to help you thrive.

More Details

This plan starts out at once-per-week for the initial phase of your coaching, however, it then adjusts, based on your needs to fit what makes the most sense for your situation.  It could be multiple sessions one week, attending meetings, or meeting with you for moral support, or it could be once-per-month check-ins.

$250 / session

About Me

I’m not a professional therapist.  I’m not a professional psychiatrist.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a lawyer.

I’m just a guy, like many of you out there.  Except I have already gone through the corporate and CEO things, I’ve done the therapy, the counseling, the “moving on,” and the success.  I learned a great many things throughout my life, which involved many of the challenges that a lot of you are facing, HR, vendors, clients, etc.  Thanks to a solid support group, an amazing family, and a few special people, I was able to not just survive my business ownership, but thrive throughout.

I want to share with you how you too can not just survive your career, but learn from it, and go on to more success.


“I’ve known Scott for +15 years as a colleague, partner and friend. He is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked, quick, accomplished and dedicated. Provides senior level leadership and expertise and the intersection of technology and marketing strategy! Not to mention, fun to be around.”
– CEO Sparkpr

“Scott is self-reliant, motivated, intelligent, and an entrepreneur. Scott single-handedly increased the profile of the Interactive group with his expertise in technology and strategy. Y&R owes a great deal of gratitude to Scott for his tireless effort in building up the Interactive capability at Y&R.”
– Co-Principal m-clarity