Scott Dunagan

Divorce Coach

Helping you survive, and thrive!

Hi, I’m Scott! There are too many divorce coaches for women to count.  I’m here for the men, the dads, the fathers, the guys… the underserved “other half” of the divorce equation.

My Story

7 Years!

Yes, my divorce took 7 long years to get complete.

In that time I had to deal with all of the challenges that get thrown at men during a contentious divorce.  Now that I’ve been through it I want to help other guys survive that challenge, and thrive during the process by learning more about themselves and what they want.

Let me help you be successful with your divorce.

My Values & Beliefs

Divorce Is Just Business

Yes, you read that right.  If you’re in the process of getting divorced then you’re past the point of reconciliation.  Treat this event like you’d treat any other financial/business transaction.

Goals Are The Key To Success

You can not survive your divorce without knowing what you want when it’s finalized.  I knew what my “key success factors” were in my divorce and I didn’t stop until I achieved them.

Teamwork Is Critical For Success

I learned many things growing up/older.  One of those things was that, no matter what the scenario, your team makes you better.  Whether it’s sports, work, or life, your team can keep you on track and help you reach your goals.

My Approach

I will not take the same approach that you will find with your therapist, your attorney, or anyone else you know. My approach is based on years of successful business management experience. We will approach your divorce like any other project. We will do some analysis, some planning, and then we will execute our plan and keep meeting milestones until we’re successful.