Scott Dunagan

Executive & CEO Coach

Helping you survive, and thrive!

Hi, I’m Scott! There are coaches for every aspect of our lives.  I’m here for the Executives, CEOs, Business Owners, & Independent Contractors.  If you run your own business, no matter how large, or small, you can use a coach.

My Story

27 Years!

Yes, I have over two decades of business experience.

In that time I have been an employee of everything from small local to enormous global organizations.  I have run teams and companies, I have started and successfully exited business, and unsuccessfully exited business.  I have worked in the private and public sectors, for both non-profits and for-profits.

I have learned that every challenge has a solution.  I’ve also learned that having a mentor/coach plays a critically important role in being successful.

Let me help you be successful.

My Values & Beliefs

It Is Just Business

Yes, you read that right.  It seems overly simple, however, it’s true.  I’m here to help you overcome business challenges, but, at the same time, keep you focused on important life goals as well.

Goals Are The Key To Success

You can not survive and thrive without knowing what you want in the end.  I knew what my “key success factors” were and I didn’t stop until I achieved them.

Teamwork Is Critical For Success

I learned many things growing up/older.  One of those things was that, no matter what the scenario, your team makes you better.  Whether it’s sports, work, or life, your team can keep you on track and help you reach your goals.

My Approach

I will not take the same approach that you will find with your therapist, your partners, or anyone else you know. My approach is based on years of successful business management experience. We will approach your situation like any other project. We will do some analysis, some planning, and then we will execute our plan and keep meeting milestones until we’re successful.

Some of My Past Clients