Dealing With Stress – COVID-19 Update

March 23, 2020

Dealing with a divorce is hard enough, now you’re dealing with courts being closed, possible lockdowns, quarantines, maybe not getting to see your kids, etc.  Your job might be shut down or you’re working from home, you might be alone, how can you cope with this stress while staying safe?

Tips for Isolation & Quarantine

  1. Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.
  2. Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs.
  3. Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.
  4. Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.

For more details, check out the CDC Website

Tips for Communicating With Your Kids (if they are not with you)

Use one of the methods below, most of them allow you to communicate while seeing each other, or at least hearing each other’s voices so you can stay connected.  Remember, this is only temporary, make sure you tell them that fact.

  1. Skype
  2. FaceTime
  3. Online Gaming (Xbox, PlayStation, etc)
  4. Discord
  5. Instagram
  6. WhatApp
  7. Snapchat
  8. Facebook

This is not a complete list, but should help you get started.

During this COVID-19 crisis I will be able to support, for the duration of the crisis, free 30m “coaching” sessions with anyone who needs them, just click here and schedule a call with me.

If you, or someone you care about, are feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety, or feel like you want to harm yourself or others:

  • Call 911
  • Call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746. (TTY 1-800-846-8517)

By Scott D.

I'm a lot of things, to a lot of different people. But, most importantly, I'm a dad who's gone through a long & contentious divorce. I'm familiar with the process, the good & the bad; and I'm here to help you get through yours.

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