Helpful Blogs For Men Going Through Divorce

December 14, 2019

Are you going through a divorce, searching the internet for help?  Did you stumble on this blog post, or my site?

Either way, the list below will provide you with some good resources which might help you to get through the painful process of getting divorced, as a man.  This is something that isn’t really recognized in our society, and that’s why I’m here doing what I do to help.

  1. Men’s Divorce Law is the website, and blog, of a divorce law firm in Orlando, FL which provides some good information about some of the “key” questions you might have, like alimony, child support, child custody, and father’s rights.
  2. Men’s Divorce, another law firm website, this one with offices around the country.  Their tag line is, “A Partner Men Can Count On.”
  3. Divorced Guy Grinning, a very interesting take, from a woman, with advice for men during and after their divorce; things like dating, dealing with stress, and more.
  4. The Good Men Project has nice section on divorce with a wide variety of topics.  They also have a lot of other good information for guys.
  5. Guy Stuff Counseling & Coaching is another site, designed for men, with advice on everything, including divorce.

There are others, but, as you can see, there’s not many, a Google Search will yield more results, and, everything (pretty much), is either by a therapist or a law firm.  Everyone is doing this looking for clients.  I’ll be honest, I am too.  I also know that when I was going through my divorce I was so confused about everything that I didn’t really have time to do a lot of research.  I did what I was told, by my therapist, by my attorney (until I fired him), by the court, etc.  A lot of guys are in the same situation; we’ve been in a relationship with someone with whom we partnered about decisions.  We’re used to that method of decision making… Guess what, guys, you’re on your own now.  You have to know what your goals and objectives are and then you have to achieve them.  That isn’t something that anyone else involved in your divorce can do for you.  That is the main reason I started this coaching program.  Guys understand coaching, and the role of the coach… My role (or the role of any divorce coach) is to help keep you focused and moving forward in the process towards a satisfactory resolution that meets your needs.

By Scott D.

I'm a lot of things, to a lot of different people. But, most importantly, I'm a dad who's gone through a long & contentious divorce. I'm familiar with the process, the good & the bad; and I'm here to help you get through yours.

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