1 On 1 Coaching with Scott Dunagan

A Divorce Coach For Men

Start Surviving & Thriving During Your Divorce Today!

Goal Setting

One of the critical parts of not just surviving, but thriving, through your divorce is knowing how to set goals; and what goals to set.

Relationship Coaching

You have a lot of baggage, from your divorce, and the pain that you’ve gone through. Learn to keep it out of your future relationships.

Stress Management

If you’re not stressed, just a little, during your divorce, then congratulations. For the rest of us, there are numerous techniques than can help.

Career Advice

Yes, your divorce WILL impact your career, no matter what. I’m here to help you understand, and face, those challenges together.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Divorce Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Divorce, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

You may have the lawyer, you may have friends to help, you may even have therapist to work with, but, my coaching approach blends all of these together in a very unique way.  I’m not any of those things, but, as your coach, I WILL help you move forward in your divorce in a way that will be positive for you.

What Is Divorce Coaching?

A Flexible Process

Divorce Coaching is a flexible process designed to help you find your key outcomes from your divorce and then help you formulate a plan to meet them.

A Shoulder For Support

You may have friends, but are they “shared” friends?  Are they suffering through your divorce too?  Are they having to “pick sides?”  A Divorce Coach can help you with moral support as YOUR Coach.

A Project Manager

There are a lot of moving parts in a divorce.  Your divorce coach can help to keep things organized and on track so you can focus on all the other things in your life.

A Trail Guide

Your divorce coach will help you navigate the treacherous pathways of the legal system, the child custody system, etc.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Are you going through a divorce?  Do you anticipate going through a divorce soon? Do you know what you have to do, and do you know what you want from your divorce?

1. Initial Meeting / Chemistry Check

All the coaching starts off with a meeting and chemistry check. If we don’t get along, then this relationship won’t work for either of us.

2. Coaching Plan Development

Every team has a game plan, do you?  We will work together to develop the “game plan” for your successful divorce.

3. Moral Support

Just like your work, you need someone to partner with to produce your best stuff (unless you’re an amazingly creative person).  We’ll get through your challenges together.

4. Combating FOMO

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or in this case, FOMU (Fear of Messing Up).  There are steps, checklists, plans, but, without someone by your side helping to keep track, you will most likely miss something.  Your coach can help prevent FOMO/FOMU.

5. Moving Ahead

The last phase of your divorce, when everything is finalized, can be the toughest.  You’ve lost a part of your life, and, you’ve lost something, that over the last several months (years in some cases) helped keep you focus.  We will partner to come up with things to replace that loss.

My Approach

I will not take the same approach that you will find with your therapist, your attorney, or anyone else you know.  My approach is based on years of successful business management experience.  We will approach your divorce like any other project.  We will do some analysis, some planning, and then we will execute our plan and keep meeting milestones until we’re successful.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

This is a quick meeting, for coffee, or via an online conference so that we can get familiar with each other and see if we have chemistry.  We’ll also talk, at a high-level, about your current situation and what challenges you might be facing.


Choose a Coaching Plan

After our one-on-one, or before, you will know if we’re a good fit to work together, and hopefully which of the “plans” best fits your needs and goals for your divorce.

Reach Your Goals

The final step, we execute our coaching plan, we work your divorce, we get you the support you need and we get your through the process and out the other side, successfully. 

Introductory Coaching Package

This is the way to go if your divorce is going to be pretty straightforward. This is a once-per-week, for one month plan.


More Details

Even if you’re going to have a “simple” divorce you can benefit from the basic coaching package. We will cover all of the key parts of the “survival” plan. However, since this is a “less complicated” divorce the likelihood of needing some of the more detailed aspects of the coaching aren’t necessary.

Intermediate Coaching Package

Nothing easy here, but, you’re not looking at a multi-year divorce. This package is designed to help you thrive during, and after your divorce.

$200 / week

More Details

Meeting once-per-week, for the duration of your divorce, this coaching package will help you develop, and implement a success plan for your divorce; and it will help you stick to the plan.

Pro Coaching Package

Designed to get you through the roadblocks and pain of your complicated divorce, this package is “all-in” to help you thrive.

$200 / session

More Details

This plan starts out at once-per-week for the initial phase of your divorce coaching, however, it then adjusts, based on your needs to fit what makes the most sense for your situation. It could be multiple sessions one week, attending court, or lawyer visits with you for moral support, or it could be once-per-month check-ins.